NEXT DOOR NATIONS is a ministry that connects local churches to the international community in their neighborhoods so that souls are saved and discipled out of every nation. In 2012, 165 million people from every country on Earth came to the United States. Since our churches desire to send gospel witnesses to all of those people, NEXT DOOR NATIONS desires to help our churches reach the people God is allowing to come here.In 2016, International Partnership Ministries (IPM) sent Matt and Chrysta Barfield to Indianapolis, Indiana to analyze, strengthen and systematize the international outreach of Colonial Hills Baptist Church.  In January 2017, an English language outreach and an International Bible Institute ministry were added to the already established Burmese and Filipino ministries. Today, Adult Bible Fellowship classes take place in Spanish, Kiswahili, and Tagalog; the Burmese church is growing; Colonial’s sermon notes are translated into 10 languages to help English learners get more out of the service; and over 200 people are part of this inaugural REV5nine chapter.Rev5nine brings missions home by making local church ministries accessible to people of all nations, connecting churches to the internationals living all across the USA, and leveraging translation tools and helpful programs to meet spiritual needs. We believe that God can use your church to reach the international community in your neighborhood.  You already have ministries that newcomers to our country need to access.  We will help you make them accessible.For more information about starting your own NEXT DOOR NATIONS chapter, contact Matt Barfield at barfield@ipmworld.org



Matt Barfield – Executive Director

Matt and Chrysta Barfield have been in missionary work for over fifteen years both state-side and abroad.  Matt currently serves as Vice-president of field ministries with International Partnership Ministries. Matt and Chrysta surrendered to God’s call to missionary service in 2002. Their first overseas work was on the mission field of Jordan where they learned Arabic and helped plant a church. While their ministry has many facets, a good portion of their time is spent helping local churches reach immigrants with the gospel.  They have 8 children who energetically help them in the ministry.


Dan Elkins has over 35 years experience in church ministry and ministry development. He was executive director of LIFT Ministries a non-profit that services the ministry in marketing and promotion. He has extensive experience in printing and digital design as well as online strategies. He has a heart for missions having taken short-term mission trips to the former Soviet Union, Mexico, and Haiti. He and his wife have four adult children who are also involved in various ministries in their home church.